Monday, January 12, 2015

Catching Up (again)

Happy New Year! Despite the long pause in postings, I did actually complete a few more sewing projects in 2014. 

January 2014 - Drawstring book bags for Allie and Cate's birthdays

February 2014 - Robert Hughes baby quilt

(I really need to consider taking a "how to photograph your quilts" workshop:)

quilted with stars and spirals

May 2014 - Amy Becker's HS graduation lap quilt

Amy picked out fabrics at Fabric Depot during her Portland visit, Christmas 2013. I supplemented with a few fabrics I found at The Stitching Post and at Kapaia Stitchery during a trip to Kauai (always looking for an excuse to fabric shop).
The blue batik with butterflies was the first fabric Amy chose. 
Other colors were built around that.

quilted with vining flowers and leaves

Now Amy has this nice warm lap quilt - perfect for her college years at the University of Arizona in Tucson. She assures me that it does get cold there, especially when the air conditioner is running.

November 2014 - New curtains and duvet set for the Sisters house

After 20 years, Stefanie and I decided it was time for a change in the upstairs bedroom in our Sisters house. We found some curtain fabric at IKEA (seen below in the medium-sized pillows). After a futile search for a coordinating duvet cover I decided we just needed to make our own. Not as cheap, but so much more fun!

                On the bed in Anna's old room at our house (tempted to keep it here, but...)

Had to add a border piece as it was just a bit too small. 
Found a fun coordinating fabric at The Stitching' Post.

Shams and throw pillows. The quilting in the shams mimics the print in the curtain fabric.

All set up in its new home. 

On to 2015...

January 2015 - Jeanne's lap quilt

This quilt was made for my good friend and fellow swimmer, Jeanne. She will be out of the water for a bit, recuperating from surgery, so of course this called for a quilt! 

My daughter, Anna, suggested the colors - perfect for a swimmer. Another swimmer friend, Jenn, joined me for a shopping trip to Fabric Depot and also helped with part of the sewing.

Sandi and Jeanne 

The design incorporates over 60 small blocks with names of some of Jeanne's friends.

Next Up????

  • cityscape art quilt based on a photo of Roussillon, France
  • art quilt based on our Croatia travels last September
  • flower/plant themed art quilt for the Hardy Plant Society Hortlandia Plant Sale in April 
  • hopefully taking Hilde Morin's Bowl Art class

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