Saturday, January 19, 2013

Kathryn's T-Shirt Quilt

Started: Dec. 15, 2012
Completed: Dec. 21, 2012
Size: 49 1/2" x 65 1/2"

My son, Daniel, sent my blog out to some of his friends which resulted in my first commissioned piece - a t-shirt quilt. Daniel's friend, Sam, sent me 5 t-shirts to work up into a lap quilt as a Christmas gift for his wife, Kathryn. I finished it just in time to mail it back east where it arrived on Christmas Eve.

It was an interesting challenge for me to tie in the reds, maroon and green but I was happy with the end result.

All of the logos were from the t-shirts except for this Bates bobcat. When I was doing the layout for the quilt, no matter how I arranged the blocks, I found I needed one more design. I photocopied an image of the bobcat logo and used that to make this appliqu├ęd piece for the quilt. I used some left over white t-shirt fabric along with the maroon fabric from the Bates t-shirt in the upper righthand corner of the quilt. 

To the right of this block I added little rectangles of some of the border fabrics used on the logo blocks to help tie things together. I also used these same fabrics for the pieced strips on the left and right sides of the quilt.

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